Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our Favorite Technology Tools and Apps so Far This Semester

In the Math 371 course, we have spent a fair amount of time investigating various technology tools and apps.  One thing that I think all of us want to have by the end of the semester is a list of the ones that we like best and that we are most likely to use.  One of the criteria to make our list is that it is free--after all, these are future teachers on a budget. I am sure that we will add more by the end of the semester.

Math Apps/Tools
·         Desmos—graphing calculator and more
·         Geogebra—graphing utility does 3D as well
·         Brainscape—flashcards covering various topics, some of them math
·         Sushi Monster—feed your monster by answering addition and multiplication problems correctly
·         U Protractor similar to Angle Meter—protractor
·         Algebra Champ—multiple choice algebra equations to solve
·         Mental Math Cards—practice math facts
·         FX Algebra Solver—shows how to solve various math problems
·         Quick Graph—graphing calculator easy to use
·         Geoboard—interactive geoboard
·         MADS 24—electronic version of the game 24
·         Magoosh Calculus Lessons—short videos explaining calculus concepts
·         Algebra Tiles—virtual manipulative
·         Minds of Math—full of historical math facts
·         Tangrams—virtual manipulative
·         Algebra Pro—similar to doing algebra worksheets
·         OhNoFractions—various operations with fractions, including comparing them
·         Ratio Rumble—select colored tiles in a given ratio
·         Brainingcamp has cool apps, but most cost $0.99 each. Fractions & Numbler Free are both free apps.
·         3D Math—order of operations
·         Wuzzit Trouble—game by Keith Devlin
·         KenKen—game by NCTM
·         Sumaze!—game from MEI and sigma
·         Common Core by Mastery Connect—resource
·         Euclidea—geometric constructions game 
Interactive whiteboard apps/tools
·         Educreations
·         ShowMe
·         ScreenChomp
·         Doodle Buddy
·         Doceri Interactive Whiteboard—not free
Useful tools
·         QR Scanner
·         Evernote Scannable—easily scan documents to pdf files; Apple only
·         Evernote Skitch—let’s you annotate pictures on your iPhone; Apple only
·         ClassDojo—can encourage students and communicate easily with parents
·         Pdf-notes—allows you to store pdf files in folders, read, and annotate
·         Symbaloo—organize your bookmarks on your desktop easily
Quizzing tools
·         Kahoot!
·         Quizizz—similar to Kahoot! But not timed
·         Google Forms—use Flubaroo add on to grade them
·         Socrative
Sharing documents
·         Google Drive
·         Dropbox
·         OneDrive
Taking notes
·         OneNote
·         Evernote
Presentation tools (alternatives to PowerPoint)
·         Google Slides
·         Haiku Deck
Group Management/Project tools
·         SamePage—free but limits number of pages and storage
·         Trello—has the feel of Pinterest