Sunday, April 12, 2015


As educators and students, we hear all of these warnings about copyright, but how much can it really hurt us? I mean how many times have we actually heard of schools getting in trouble for copyright? Recently in class, we had a discussion about copyright. We went on and on about how it is bad, but with every bad, there was an exception for it to be okay. This is such a vague concept that it is hard to take too seriously. What is considered proper for educational use? What websites can we use in class? How is the proper way to have your students read an article that you, as an educator, think is appropriate? I was left with so many questions that couldn't even be answered, because of all of the exceptions. It is also hard for me to take this to seriously, because throughout my educational career, almost all my teachers would copyright. Most of the time they didn't even realize that they were doing it. I have educators that constantly copyright. Have they heard these long talks about how bad it is? I assume so. Just like any student that has to listen to these conversations about copyright, it is hard to take it seriously when your teacher telling you not to do it, is doing it themselves. Even after they preach the fact that it is bad, they still fail to take it seriously, so why should the students? It is like telling students not to smoke, but the health teacher is outside of school smoking where the students can see. If educators are going to tell students not to do something, they should at least follow the same rules and find ways to avoid copyright.