Monday, April 6, 2015

How safe are we really?

It is no secret that technology is taking over this world, but are we getting too comfortable with what we put on the internet. Last week in our technology for teachers class, out professor asked us to Google our names and see what comes up. It was startling to see what came up when I did that. I ask whoever is reading this to do the same and the results may surprise you as they did me. In this day and age we do not realize what we are putting up on the web for everyone to see. We had an assignment earlier this week to respond to this doxxing article Dr. Vestal sent us. If you are not familiar with doxxing it is when someone puts up personal information about someone else, like their address, phone number and other personal information like that. While I was responding to this article I was doing some research about computer hacking to see how often and easy it was for someone to find this information about someone. I found an article about a 15 year old who hacked the pentagon because he was bored. Obviously this is an extreme case but if this kid could hack the pentagon he could really get any information he wanted from anyone he wanted. More and more of our information is going up on the web and more and more people feel comfortable with putting it on their. I remember watching this TED talk about hacking and the speaker had his laptop out showing the crowd what he could do with it. Credit cards now have these computer chips on them and he could wave this device he created and all the information went straight to his computer within seconds.He could also hack the hotel menu on the TVs and order PPV for free. What was ever crazier was that he could hack other guests in the hotel and mess with there cable and other electronics in their room. I cannot remember the name of the talk but it was very interesting and I would recommend it. I guess it is inevitable that as technology gets more sophisticated there will be people out there trying to exploit it.