Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blogging Overview

Continuous Everywhere, but Differentiable Nowhere

The content is comprised of either motivational “keep your chin up” posts or projects/activities dealing                mostly with upper level high school math (pre calc and calc). Most of the projects or activities that he posts deal with technology, so I feel like if you are teaching calc or anything calc related, there could be some cool things to take form this blog. I think some of the activities look really interesting, but I believe the blog is only really helpful if you are teaching upper level high school math. With the activities and the motivational posts. I know some days will be tough, so this could help keep me going. Possibly. Probably not as a beginning teacher, as I will be swamped just trying to survive. Maybe as I become more of a veteran and feel that I have valuable things to share I will get into it.

Crafty Math

1    Mostly tips and tricks that she has used herself in the classroom. Also some interesting articles related to math and teaching. She has some cool lesson ideas, but she also has some interesting articles posted. The humor in her writing is also a plus. I think the blog is entertaining and all around useful. It isn’t a very subject-centered blog,  but more so just a math ed blog. I enjoyed looking at the articles. She posts some good lessons that I could use in my classroom.