Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to our Math Technology Blog

As part of Math 371, I wanted everyone to learn about blogs.  What better way to learn than to create a group blog, where each week one of us will post to the blog.  As I continue to prepare for this course, I have realized that it is harder to prepare because technology is changing instantly.  So, bear with me as we will all learn a lot this semester (I hope).

I thought that the first post should be links to several websites that we may find helpful in this course.  Again, this list may be overwhelming so don't try to check all of these out in one sitting.

News, voices and jobs for education professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.

My students love using their iPads in the classroom! iPads in the classroom provide student with the opportunity not to be restricted to the traditional way of learning.

Education as it should be - passion-based. (by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.)

Go beyond the same six tricks to maximize whiteboard use.

Welcome to Ms. Magiera's class website! 5th Grade Math, Science and Writing at National Teachers Academy

Within the wide expanse of social networking, educators appear to be gravitating to more protected and exclusive spaces.While teachers often use such popular mainstream social networks as Facebook, they are more likely to seek out and return to less-established networks that offer the privacy, peer-to-peer connections, and resource sharing that meets their specific professional needs, according to a recent survey and interviews with educators."A lot of teachers are on Facebook as general-population consumers," said Jessie Arora, the founder of Teacher Square, an organization that helps teachers share information around educational technology. "[But] they aren't on Facebook with their teacher hats on."Educators' use of popular networks like Facebook and Twitter has increased overall, but those sites are often blocked in schools and fraught with ethical concerns because so many students use them.

If you're looking to build up your G+ experience, here's some useful education technology Google+ accounts to know about.

There's a learning curve when it comes to blogging and education. First, you should know that teachers should blog. Period. Here's why.

From the YouTube education channels to the videos to users ... there's a lot of video out there for teachers, students, and lifelong learners.

It's the start of a new year and that means there's infinite possibilities that lay before you. But you can't move forward without arming yourself with the best free web tools and apps.

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Allow your students to mix, mash, and video their way to a deeper understanding of the topic by using one of the video creation tools below.

There are thousands of useful education technology Pinterest boards out there and we've only just scratched the surface. Hope you find some of these boards useful!

As this visualization from the always wonderful langwitches explains, 21st century skills are learned and enhanced by blogging in the classroom.

The Edudemic Magazine year-end special showcases the very best education apps and web tools of the year. A sneak preview is here!

Free and open educational resources are aplenty and teachers around the world are adding to the repository every day.

We've needed a strong pedagogical framework for digital tools since the introduction of technology into education. Hopefully this helps.

Professional development is one of the most ignore but important parts of growing as a teacher. Here are a few free professional development web tools to try!

Technology is a powerful tool for learning that can be used effectively to support the Common Core and help students develop the skills for success.

iPads and Android tablets are becoming a bigger and bigger presence in schools. Curious how it works? Get some tips on deploying tablets in the classroom.

What are the biggest apps to know about in the upcoming year? Our friends at Education Dive have assembled a useful list!

A quick look at how I use Twitter for writing prompts. I thought this was going to be another project gone bad! To my surprise since teens love texting, they also loved micro-blogging!

There's more to educational video than YouTube. It's a terrific resource but you should know about the best alternatives to youtube available now.

Wondering how to use Pinterest in education? Find out with this highly visual and simple look at how to use Pinterest (great for beginners!)

What's the best educational social network? Simply put: it's the one you use. Therefore, you should know about and try these new sites.

Want to know if you're correctly integrating technology into your classroom? This matrix and insight will help you get a firm grasp on what to do.

A teacher's review is the best kind of review for fellow teachers, right? So here's how Kyle Pearce feels about the Algebra Touch Math iPad App.

If your resolution for 2013 was to be better organized, these 5 apps are recommended for you by the fine folks at Apple.

Here is a crowd-sourced selection of some of the inspiring, creative and touching math blog posts from 2012, my Math Blogging Retrospectus 2012. I asked for some reading material over winter break and colleagues commented on some of the math blogging material … Continue reading →

The EmergingEdTech YouTube Channel passed 100,000 views as subscribership doubled for this resource this year. In 2012, EmergingEdTech videos (there are now

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