Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Board of Remediation

Link: Board of Remediation

1. The website features an idea to help students with lower level concepts. If students are struggling with basic concepts that were covered in previous classes below their current class, they can go to the wall and pick out a worksheet to help understand those lower level concepts.

2. Using this on-the-wall system, students can grab any worksheets they want or need and complete them on their own time rather than having the entire class use teaching time to refresh lower-level concepts. There is also a binder of answer keys to each worksheet next to the wall.

3. The website was helpful because it gave me an idea that I could possibly use in the future if I see that my students do not understand concepts that they should have mastered.

4. Yes, I would  use this idea. I think it would be a great way to get students into the idea of practicing what they don't know. This way, they can see where they need to improve and make the move to actually improve.

5. I would like to blog because it is obviously a great way to connect with other teachers and share ideas. However, I worry that I will not have enough time to commit to blogging.

Link: my classroom

1. This site describes the same setup as the last site but adds that his students actually requested the worksheets. I thought that was unique.

2. Because it was the same idea, I looked at some of the links within the post on this blog and found some other interesting ideas such as using the print screen function to share Geogebra graphs and his use of participation points.

3. Yes, it was helpful. Although I wish he had a followup post about the success or failure of the wall. He mentioned that he had not yet tried the idea so I wonder if he will post something about it.

4. I could definitely use the ideas from this site and the rest of his blog. He seems to have quite a network going with many links to different blogs and ideas.

5. See previous.